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Measuring with the Sensor

Measure immediately when you wake up in the morning before getting up, after at least 1 hour of sleep. You don't have to measure at the same time every morning. The measurement is ready when you hear the 'beep beep' signal. Check which color Daysy indicates after the measurement.


The first bleeding, in the week after stopping contraception, is a withdrawal bleeding and is not a real menstruation. Therefore, do not enter this bleeding as menstruation in your Daysy.

Confirm Menstrual Days

Confirm menstruation on your Daysy for at least 3 consecutive days. This can be done immediately after the measurement or during the day. In the app you can confirm or adjust menstruation up to 3 days back in time.

Confirm menstrual days from the first day of active bleeding. If you start measuring on the third day of your period, you do not confirm these menstrual days.

Sync with the App

You can only log in and synchronize after you have taken at least one measurement with your Daysy. After that, you don't have to synchronize every day, because all your measurements remain stored in your Daysy. Recent measurements will become visible after the next synchronization.


Your Daysy does not have continuous Bluetooth contact with your mobile phone. Most women sync their Daysy once a week, but you can decide how often you sync.

What Do the Colors Mean?

Immediately after the measurement, Daysy displays the color that indicates where you are in your cycle.

Yellow and red = fertile days

Green = infertile days

Violet flashes = Daysy asks if you are menstruating. Only confirm when you have your period.


Experiences of Daysy Users

Women experience Daysy as easy to use and valuable for their self-image.

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