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Discover Daysy

Want to know when your fertile and
infertile days are?

Fertility Tracker Daysy®

Measure your Cycle

Fast and Precise

90 sec

Insight within 90 seconds

in your cycle


Accurate thanks to smart internal algorithm

Daysy contains very precise sensor technology for measuring BBT (basal body temperature). Measure immediately in the morning after you wake up.


Your measurement is compared by the internal algorithm with fixed data from 5 million menstrual cycles of 500,000 women. Daysy also learns from your previous cycles. For example, if you ovulate later than normal, your period may also be later. In short, the distribution between fertile and infertile days is carefully determined every day.


Do you not wish to have children at the moment? Then you can use a barrier method such as condoms during fertile days.

Measure with Daysy the Fertility Tracker

DaysyDay App


Gain insight into your cycles via the App

Use the DaysyDay app, available in the Google and Apple store. Sync your Daysy with the app whenever you want and stay up to date.


You have control over your own data. Other parties have no insight



Your partner can support you,

but you decide what he sees!

Daysy's Colors

Fertile / possibly fertile

Not fertile

Predicted ovulation

Cycle fluctuation - fertile day