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Avoid pregnancy and the desire to have children

Natural Family Planning - NFP

Natural Family Planning is a collective term for family planning methods that do not interfere with the physiology of women. These methods can be used for not wanting to get pregnant as well as for the desire to have children.

Women prefer the natural methods over the use of contraception so as not to disrupt their well-being.


We now call modern family planning 'Fertility Awareness Based Methods' (FABM), where your personal cycle is central. Your personal cycle is not a fixed data month in, month out. You are not the same every month! Detecting your ovulation is an essential factor. Basal body temperature is the only way to know if you are past ovulation, i.e. past your fertile days.


In that sense, Daysy® is a unique solution, with its precise sensor and the smart calculation by the internal algorithm.

The time for guessing is over!

Fertile Days

There are only 6 days per cycle when it is possible to become pregnant. This includes the day of ovulation and the 5 days before, because sperm can survive internally for a maximum of 5 days. Daysy gives a somewhat broader indication than these 6 days, because it waits until your temperature indicates that you are outside your fertile phase after ovulation. This leads to an average of 8 to 9 red days.

If you do not wish to have children, use a barrier method on fertile days, such as condoms.

The moment of ovulation can vary per cycle, not every cycle is the same length and ovulation does not always have to take place at the same time. Daysy learns and indicates what your cycle shows at that moment.

Accurately calculate your cycles with Daysy

Want to have children

  • If you want to get pregnant, timing is key! The days before ovulation are the time to have intercourse.

  • It is not possible to become pregnant outside of fertile days.

  • Avoid unnecessary stress and use Daysy to gain insight.


Daysy, in combination with the DaysyDay app, makes it easy and simple to know when your fertile days are. The advantages of this are:

  • No ovulation tests required.

  • No complicated calculations.

  • No guesswork.


If you want to have children and Daysy indicates that you are currently fertile, then the red light is a sign of love ❤️

sperm can survive up to 5 days before ovulation

Natural Family Planning starts

Befor a Pregnancy



If you want to get pregnant, timing is everything! After all, you can't get pregnant every day of the month. Daysy tells you when your fertile days are, including the expected day of ovulation.

Research has shown that 81% of couples who track their fertility and schedule intercourse on their fertile days become pregnant within 6 months.

C Gnoth et. al. Hum Reprod. 2003 Sep;18(9):1959-66

risk of pregnancy increases without prior use of contraception


Measuring is knowing

wish to have children fulfilled, become pregnant

Daysy is also accurate for irregular cycles and PCOS. In those situations, you specifically want to see if you are ovulating. If you find a lot of red days, it's wise to talk to our professionals about how to ensure better hormonal balance.

Irregular cycle?

Daysy can indicate the 'possible pregnant' message by flashing the red, green and yellow light. The reason for this color indication is that your basal body temperature remains elevated for more than 18 days.

Daysy itself is not a pregnancy test. Take a urine pregnancy test if you suspect you are pregnant. If you notice that you ovulated late in the cycle, this may be the reason why your period is coming later. If your temperature drops, your period will arrive within a few days, then the pregnancy test will of course be negative.


When you are pregnant, you stop measuring. You can continue measuring again from 6 weeks after delivery .

Detect Pregnancy

when it is more likely to become pregnant

Research has shown that the chance of conception in a cycle is only 27.7% if a couple has had intercourse one or more times on fertile days. Couples who had intercourse around ovulation had a much higher success rate, with 98% becoming pregnant within 12 months.

In our own survey of Daysy users (shown opposite), 63% reported becoming pregnant during their first cycle of using the product. 89% of respondents indicated that they had become pregnant with Daysy within three months.

Daysy users who wish to have children, can get pregnant more quickly
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