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Daysy opberghoesje Black
Daysy opberghoesje - Black met rits
Cyclus Tracker Daysy meet je vruchtbare en onvruchtbare dagen

+ Free Case
+ Free App

€299,-  €269,-

LadyComp Cyclus Tracker met en zonder kinderwens je vruchtbare en onvruchtbare dagen meten


Advanced Fertility Tracker with screen display. VIEW OR LADYCOMP WEBSITE

€499,-  €449,-

Progesteron D4 Cream

Support your cycle progression, improve your luteal phase allowing you to better produce your own Progesterone with this potentised bio-identical pure cream.

Herstel je hormonale balans, progesteron
Progesteron D4 crème, bio-identiek herstel van hormonale balans


Cycle Complaints?
Irregular Cycle?

Orthomolecular therapist and Fertility expert Patricia Dijkema brought Cycle Tracker Daysy to the Netherlands 9 years ago.

Hundreds of women like you have been helped with advice on hormone-related complaints like mood swings, PMS and PCOS.

There's no need to bear symptoms for years and sit in fear of whether it will ever be okay.


Discuss your personal cycle coursewith the experts at Daysy Netherlands and receive advice that will help you move forward.

Vitaminen en mineralen zorgen voor betere hormoonproductie

Cycle+ Package - Hormonal Balance Reset

90% van de vrouwen heeft een significant tekort aan vitaminen en mineralen voor een zwangerschap

Pregnancy Vitamine Package - Before, During and After Pregnancy

Gevoelige borsten voor de menstruatie

PreMenstrual Support - Complaints the Week Before Menstruation?

Plan een 1 op 1 Zoom call met onze cyclus- en hormoonexpert

1 on 1 Zoom Call with Dayenne or Patricia

Cream Abstract.jpg

Parts and Specific Service

Have you lost the cable or cap of your Daysy? Or do you need a new sensor for your LadyComp?

Have you lost the cable of your Daysy or LadyComp? Or is the cap of your Daysy missing?

Caps and Cables

Is the cable with sensor in need of replacement? The test measurement fails?

New LadyComp Sensor

Can't move the date correctly anymore? Sign that the internal clock battery needs to be replaced? Order this service.

Replace Clock Battery LadyComp

If your Daysy no longer goes into measurement mode after not charging for a long time, we can try to get your Daysy back into measurement mode with the Daysy service software.

Daysy in Measuring mode

Teena Menstruatie Tracker met GRATIS APP - Blauw
Teena Menstruatie Tracker met GRATIS APP - Pink
Teena Menstruatie Tracker met GRATIS APP - Geel
Teena Menstruatie Tracker met GRATIS APP - Rose
Teena Menstruatie Tracker met GRATIS APP - Paars

MenstruationTracker for Teens

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