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Understanding Abortion Rates and the Daysy Fertility Tracker

Daysy has been all over the news since 12 July 2023. The Dutch NOS reported on that day: "Abortion clinics are increasingly seeing young women getting unplanned pregnant by using natural contraceptive methods." But is what NOS, RTL, NU .NL, Rutgers, RIVM, Lubach and other channels claim actually proven? The Pregnancy Abortions 2022 report shows no relationship between increased abortion rates and the choice to use a Fertility Tracker like Daysy®.

Disinformation by public broadcasters

I find this topic so important, it is very sensitive, which is why I have spent a lot of time trying to get to the bottom of it. I share with you how disinformation aka fake news in public broadcasting/main stream media, can cause a lot of commotion. Together, we walk through all the claims and check the sources used for factual accuracy. Many people, it is becoming fewer and fewer, but there are still those who think everything said in the news is the truth.

Lubach educates in his evening show

The above video is meant for watching Lubach's statements together. Neither Lubach's editors nor NOS editors contacted Daysy Netherlands in advance. Naturally, I requested rectification from the NPO/NOS. The 12-page exchange with NPO's legal department is public because we share information honestly and transparently with anyone who wants to know.

NOS rectificatie Daysy cyclus tracker
Download PDF • 2.43MB

Monitoring your natural cycle with Daysy or LadyComp

This has been done worldwide for more than 35 years with the same internal algorithm which has been scientifically studied. The study has been published and can be read at this link.

Watch the video above and share this blog

Leave your comment below in the blog. Let us always remain critical and stand up for the free choice each of us has.

Stoppen met anticonceptie en je eigen cyclus gaan volgen, meten met Daysy de cyclus tracker

We respect each person's opinion

This blog and video are not about choosing between abortion or not - pros and cons. All information on this topic should be approached correctly and respectfully by us and the public broadcaster.


Rapport zwangerschapsafbrekingen 2022. Ministerie Volksgezondheid Welzijn en Sport, Inspectie Gezondheidszorg en Jeugd.

Daysy studie



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