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10 Frequently Asked Questions about Fertility Tracker Daysy and LadyComp

The frequently asked questions video has been one of the most viewed videos at Daysy and LadyComp Netherlands for years. It is a comprehensive video that provides answers to burning questions about your cycle and how you can states measure with the cycle tracker. You can measure as early as after at least 1 hour of continuous sleep in the morning. It is important to measure with your Fertility Tracker right when you wake up in the morning while still in your bed and before you become active.

Previously, we advised a minimum of 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep but it turns out that 1 hour is sufficient, gives equal temperature values, provided you measure right away.

1. When can you start measuring?

What if I skip a measurement? Does that confuse my Daysy or LadyComp? Does that upset the internal algorithm in the device?

Do I have to measure at the same time every day?

No, you can measure at 6 o'clock today and measure at, say, 8 o'clock tomorrow. It is not necessary to measure at the same time every day for accuracy. As long as you measure right when you wake up.

Daysy and LadyComp want to know your BBT (basal body temperature) which is different from your regular body temperature that you check when you are sick. The BBT is a resting temperature controlled by your cycle hormones. This is why you have variation in BBT temperatures throughout your cycle because the same hormones are not active in your body every day.

The BBT is lower before ovulation than after ovulation. Determining BBT has been the indicator to determine whether you have a fertile or infertile day for centuries. Of course, since the existence of cycle trackers with an integrated sensor and internal algorithm, guessing and interpreting BBT values yourself is a thing of the past, which is a huge advance in terms of accuracy.

2. How does my menstrual cycle work?

You want to know how your body works. What's in store for you? Many ladies say they have no idea how the menstrual cycle works. Have experience with heavy painful periods from puberty and started taking the pill on the advice of their GP.

You don't solve menstrual problems with a pill!

Primary dysmenorrhoea (menstrual pains) is probably due to disruption in the cyclooxygenase (COX) pathway. This pathway is supposed to inhibit inflammation. When the anti-inflammatory action is not optimal, increased prostanoid production occurs, especially the prostaglandins (PGs). The increased PGs cause uterine contractions that restrict blood flow and lead to the production of anaerobic metabolites that stimulate pain receptors. (1).

We like to share educational information so that you can be as informed as possible on how to deal with your own symptoms therefore we give natural solutions in the video above. Always report serious symptoms to your GP. Endometriosis is a very well known cause of menstrual pains, if you want to know more about it be sure to listen to this podcast (in Dutch).

3. How reliable is the Daysy and the LadyComp?

Main stream media channels sprinkle with reports that 1 in 5 ladies get pregnant unwanted with a cycle tracker. Numbers unsupported by scientific sources. You might ask yourself what is the purpose? Why are they spreading that you shouldn't drink alcohol, shouldn't diet and, above all, measure at the same time every morning! People have no idea how Daysy and LadyComp work and scale these cycle trackers under the heading of 'natural contraception' when they are not a contraceptive method.

4. What are menstrual days?

When do you speak of active bleeding, a period. Learn what the difference is between spotting and menstruation. Also what about intermittent bleeding.

5. What if you forget to measure once?

Don't worry, your Daysy or LadyComp won't get upset. Just measure again next morning. What is good to know is that if you have not taken a measurement before getting up, you are handling a fertile day!

6. What if you have a party and drink more than a few glasses of alcohol?

Media channels suggest that your life looks very boring if you use Daysy or LadyComp to monitor your cycle. No sex, no alcohol, no dieting and above all measure at the same time every day! They prefer to see women accept the long list of side effects of medication with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Suppose you go on a strict diet then your ovulation will fail and often your period will stay away too. Getting pregnant is not possible in that situation. Your cycle tracker is then more likely to show a PCOS picture, with no variation in temperatures, just red or yellow days. You need enough good nutrients once for a healthy cycle and hormonal balance.

7. What if I am sick and have a fever?

Read in our frequently asked questions page how to measure and when not to measure.

8. I have PCOS, can I measure with a cycle tracker?

We also have an extra blog about PCOS and irregular cycles. Because even then your cycle tracker provides valuable information.

9. I have many more reds, how is that possible?

Apparently your hormonal balance is not yet in order or upset. This is not desirable because you are probably experiencing health problems as a result. We speak to many ladies who successfully restore their hormonal balance after following advice and also experience fewer complaints. Be sure to read this info.

10. I work night shifts, can I measure with a cycle tracker?

Even if you work at night and sleep during the day, you can measure with a cycle tracker.

In short, it's worth looking beyond the obvious!

Have fun tracking your natural cycle.

If yoy have any question? Come in contact with us via the chat.





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