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Substantiated and Applicable Information

Webinar for Midwives

Perhaps you have already heard about the Daysy and are you especially curious about what the device can do and how reliable the Daysy is?


The Daysy is used by women who refrain from suppressing their natural cycle with medication because they want to adequately monitor their fertility years before a pregnancy or after childbirth.


Our expert Patricia Dijkema is not only the owner of Daysy Netherlands, but a professional in the field of fertility, menstrual cycle, hormones and cycle complaints. Patricia previously worked as a specialized nurse in the neonatology ICU at the WKZ in Utrecht, but has been in practice for almost 20 years and brought the Daysy to the Netherlands years ago. Every day women register their interest in the Daysy.


Contents of this video:

  • How the Daysy works

  • How the internal algorithm calculates confirmation based on the BBT (basal body temperature) and menstrual days.

  • How accurate the Cycle Tracker Device Method is (of course supported by studies)

  • How Daysy informs women

  • How to advise the Daysy

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